Management Creed

Kinden Vietnam Co., Ltd. is an equipment and facilities provider working to fulfill customers' energy, environmental and communication needs. Since our foundation, we have been serving many companies coming to Vietnam from Japan as well as many other countries.

Kinden Vietnam assigns excellent and highly experienced personnel appropriate for each project, meeting customer needs from constructing power, electric, instrumentation, information, communication, air-conditioning, plumbing and utility systems to developing energy-saving programs. Our broad range of service covers design, construction and maintenance of such systems under a reliable management system.

Company Policy

To support your total lifestyle, we offer solutions through our high technology and advanced systems in the field of energy, environment, and information & communications.

Our Mission

We create outstanding equipment and services, support our society's infrastructure, and contribute to realizing a bright, abundant future.

  • Using technical prowess and manpower, we understand our client's needs and provide them with  reassurance, security and comfort.
  • Through our company's activities, we acknowledge the happiness of our business' supporters.
  • We will carry on to be a company where we can live as a family with a smile so that our employees can truly desire to work.