Electrical System

Electrical systems

Electrical systems providing electricity to buildings, plants and commercial and public facilities are essential for people's lives and industries. Constructing such systems is Kinden Vietnam's core business.

We work to provide safe, high-quality and value-added electric systems for our customers' comfortable daily lives.

For the Future of People and the Earth

Aiming for environment-friendly technologies, Kinden Vietnam is proactively adopting solar power generation and other new energy technologies. We are working to develop optimal next generation electric systems.

Infrastructure within premises

We propose, planning, design, construct and maintain optimal systems for receiving, transforming and distributing electricity within all types of building, facility and plant premises in an integrated and consistent manner.

We provide high-voltage power receiving and transforming systems, and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, private power generators for emergency use, trunk-line, and power control systems and more.

Housing environment systems within the premises

We work to create an optimal electric system that enables safe and streamlined operation of lighting, air-conditioners, elevators, factory lines and other such equipment and facilities.

We provide lighting, wall outlets, telephones, broadcast systems, intercoms, AV systems, LAN wiring and more.

Security and disaster prevention systems within the premises

With our integrated technical capabilities that take advantage of advanced electric energy and signal control technologies, we improve all environments for people's activities, both indoor and outdoor, creating a better future.

We provide security equipment, smoke detectors, electric lock, lightning protection and automatic fire alarm systems and more.

Network construction solutions

We offer integrated coordination services for network system construction, from infrastructure including offices, public facilities, and other buildings to Internet access from such buildings. With our extensive technologies and know-how, we enable customers to meet their needs, from designing and constructing smooth and efficient networks for selecting the most appropriate devices to comprehensive testing.

Our technologies make the best out of facilities

With our explosion-proof instrumentation technologies and our integrated engineering covering instrument, power, control panel and monitoring systems, we support customers' production facilities.